Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer Listings

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

You know how much I love a list? Well I'm at it again. A couple of months ago in THIS post I talked about things we have on this Summer and with July speeding past in the blink of an eye, I thought I'd update you and future plan. Mmmm it's like blog therapy to me!


June was so intense I felt like my feet barely touched the ground. 

Watching 1D perform live, performing live ourselves on stage in NYC and attending Vidcon were all highlights. 

Homey bits that melted my heart were celebrating Father's Day and watching Baby Glitter give all her love to her Dada and taking her to her first ever kiddie birthday party. Any parties we've ever had have been very family orientated so to see her running about with playgroup pals and having such a great time was lovely. There are a few shots of it in the video embedded below. 


So far, July has been luxuriously relaxed. We got back from LA just under 2 weeks ago, Zoe and I hosted an event at the Warner Brother's Studios (which. was. amazing. HERE is the vlog) and I've spent the rest dividing my time between London, friends and family. Ideal. 

Another joy this month has been kittens. Kittens. KITTENS. I wrote THIS blog post about them and uploaded THIS featuring the little fluffballs. Ooof I love them so. 

Something else I've enjoyed a lot this summer has been shopping. I've always been a bit of a magpie for lovely things but this Summer I've caught the bug bad. In an effort to shop with slightly less guilt I've signed up to which is a site full of great discounts and money saving opportunities (just gonna throw this out there- they have Mothercare and Superdrug on there-yay!!). Topcashback have kindly said that if you are a reader and you use THIS link to sign up too, you'll be gifted with a free Soap &  Glory Lid Stuff product. I actually already own this so can fully vouch for it being a little gem to have in your makeup bag. Besides, who doesn't love a freebie? Thank youuuuu!


August is set to be blissful (touch wood). The only things properly booked in my calendar are Summer In The City, a music festival for Matt (I'm not the wellies and tents type) and a couple of family/neighbourhood parties. 

With Matt off for the Summer Holidays we are toying with the idea of vlogging every day that month. I say 'toying' because I've never successfully stuck to an entire month. Remember the fail that was Vlogmas 2013? Haha. Would you like to see a month of our summer? There is a big part of me that fancies the challenge but a little part of me that's afraid of failure.

Also this month are family birthdays, lots of stationery shopping for my annual Stationery Haul video and helping my little sister pack for university- I swear she was only a toddler five minutes ago. 

And there we have it. My summer. I would be really interested to hear what you have planned, whether you have grabbed your topcashback freebie and whether you'd be interested in some daily vlogging next month!



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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Breaking News || Zula is a BOY!

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

I wanted to share with you the video I made to show off Rocket and Zula's cuteness but just before I came to write this blog post- breaking news happened!

This morning we took the kittens to the vet to have them vaccinated, wormed, flee-d and checked over. Everything was running smoothly and the kittens were taking it in their stride when the vet said, 'And his testicles are in good health' about Zula! 'Errrr what? She's a girl kitten isn't she?'. NOPE! Zula is a boy!

We've decided to stick with the name 'Zula' and obviously love her just as much as before but it was quite the surprise and quite funny trying to explain the situation to Baby Glitter. 

I just mentioned it on Twitter and was relieved to hear a lot of you have been in the same boat so I don't feel too bad haha! I guess now I'm the kitty mama of two baby boys!



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Saturday, 19 July 2014

I Want To Be Everything

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm such a jumble of emotions at this moment and with Matt out to dinner and my friends not answering their phones (how dare they have lives on a Saturday night?), this pastel coloured little slice of the net will be my outlet. 

(All images from my insta)

There is a huge rain storm raging at the moment where I live and as I popped up to Darcy's room to close the window a bit, I found myself crawling into her bed and laying with her whilst she slept. I looked at her mouth and her eyelashes and her eyebrows and tiny finger nails. I noted the way she must always have her comfort blanket a certain way and always holds dolly to her chest and I watched her breath and wondered what innocent dreams were playing out in her little head. I almost cried. I don't know why. 

I wasn't sad or overjoyed or overwhelmed or worried. I just felt sort of sad for the person I'm not. 

I'm not the organic earth mother that provides only wooden Montessori toys and I'm not the power suit career woman who wears red lipstick like a pro. I'm not the wife who asks if her Husband slept well each morning (or ever) and yet I'm not the woman who hold court in a trendy bar whilst people adore her every move. Is anyone any of these things? Can you be all of them at once?

Life is such a frustrating concoction of trying to be happy, trying to make other people happy, trying to succeed, trying to be humble, trying, trying, trying. 

My frustration is that I want to be all things 100% but with only 100 of those pesky per cents to go round, you gotsta spread them out a bit. That's the hard part. How many of those per cents do you give to being the heart warming, open armed mother? And how many do you give to being the witty livewire at a party (NB- I have never been the 'witty livewire', it's on my to-do list and a girl can speculate ok)? Am I sacrificing some of the good wife per cents to be a career woman? But doesn't being a good career woman provide for my family and so enhance the mother percentage slice? You see the frustration?

I don't have the answers. This isn't one of those fabulous posts (that I do oh-so-often har har) that leaves you with a wonderfully upbeat solution to life's unanswerable questions but more a pontification. Something that trickled into my mind this evening as I watched my three year old sleep an easy sleep. I want to give her all of my per cents for always. 



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