Monday, 19 January 2015

Motivational Monday || Magic

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Did you have a good weekend? I hope that if you did, the positivity has carried through into the start of a new week. 

I chose this one today because it seems to fit nicely with a couple big things I have been thinking about a lot lately, the first being God and the second being Disney World. 

I know, an odd mix but still with something in common. Both God and Disney put a great focus on belief. To be clear to anyone wondering, I am not bunching to two together and show both topic the appropriate respect in my thoughts, it's just hard to always convey that via text and screens.

As a Christian, I have a strong belief that there is a God and he is the Father of Jesus and he holds our lives in his hands and is there to guide, love, support and teach us. The majority of my friends are not Christians (or any other religion) and so many times I have found myself in conversations where I am put to the test, don't have the answers and simply respond with, 'because I believe it'. It's hard to explain how or why I believe in God but sometimes I say this-

"When Darcy couldn't talk and was a little baby, I knew in my heart that she loved me. She didn't say it outloud and she didn't do anything grand to show me, but I had such belief that she did, that I knew. That's how I feel about God. I just believe it so deeply that I know."

Believing in God brings me more peace than I could ever write in a blogpost. I am not scared of my life or of the future and I am not scared of what comes after. Sure, I fret and worry about the little things, but when I really think on it, I remember that my life is just part of God's plan and all I need to do is follow that and I'll be fine. A lot of people may think this is stupid but I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed, I feel soothed. 

And now Disney. Walt Disney World is my favourite place on earth. I'm the kind of woman who cries at the parades, skips down Main Street and almost floats through the day because to me, it's all just so magical. I believe in the magic. Yes, you could argue that it is all carefully designed to make you feel that way, but I'm fine with that. You wanna design a place that is a delight to be in, smells incredible, looks fantastic, sounds amazing and is made purely to please, go right ahead, I'm happy to be a part of that. Rather than questioning the mechanics of the operation, I am glad to look upon it as magic and enjoy every moment I can. 

The point I am making is this- If you want to pick apart every single thing to see how it works or to question why or to know every little detail, sure, go ahead. Sometimes though (and not for everything but just some special things), don't. Sometimes when you don't look for it, it's just there, waiting to be enjoyed or loved or soothed by. Let yourself go with something and enjoy the magic of it. It's really, really nice. 

Next time you feel like something lovely is happening and you want to enjoy it, just enjoy it. Choosing to believe in something does not make you dumb or weak, it shows strength that you can allow yourself to do that and have the faith to be able to. 



(Disclaimer - I know religion is a sensitive topic and I always worry that my opinions are in some way offensive. Please don't pick me apart (haha kinda the lesson of the day) or be mean about them, I won't respond or engage. I'm not saying God is 'magic', I'm saying more that he is 'miraculous'. Cool <3 font="">

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Primark Haul

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

To me, shopping is therapy. Walking round the racks and racks of brightly coloured garments, running my fingers over the textures, flicking through the hangers for my size and picking something up to decide whether I want to take it home or not. Oof. I just love it. 

Over the Christmas holiday and last week I made two trips to two different Primarks and collected a few bits and pieces for our upcoming travels (more on those another day). 

I made this haul video to show you the delights Primark has to offer at the moment and lots of you left lovely comments saying you enjoyed it. 

Sometimes I think watching Haul videos is like the modern day equivelant to window shopping. It's addictive and I love it!

If you are unable to see the embedded version, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube. 

Do you ever shop at Primark? What do you usually buy?



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Princess Darcy

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Darcy is 3 and 9 months and in love with all things Princess.

She wants to dress as them, twirl as them, be like them and over and over and over, watch them!

We are big big BIG on Disney in this house so I'll never say 'no' to a Disney film or five and are counting down the days to our next big Disney trip!

Something I think about a lot though are the implications of reinforcing the idea that being a princess is something to aspire to to little girls. She is only small and so to her, what I say is gospel and whilst her mind is so impressionable, it leaves quite an imprint. 

Whilst a lot of the early princesses were depicted as pretty with sweet singing voices but very much the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, I have enjoyed that in the last decade or so, princesses have had a lot more about them. 

When I tell Darcy she is like a princess I tell her she is smart and brave and strong and kind. I want her to grow up valuing her mind and her ability to think and plan and solve or to love and give and care. I think it will be wonderful if she has long blonde hair and a beautiful voice for singing to woodland creatures and bluebirds that land on your fingers but I know it will be even better to have that alongside the aforementioned qualities. 

I allow and encourage Darcy to dress up and dance and pretend to be a princess, but as I do, I remind her how that being a princess means more than just a perfect face and swirling dress.

Next time you see a little lady and tell her she is a princess, remind her exactly what that means. She'll thank you for it one day. 



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